Fachübergreifende Informationssysteme (CARMEN-Teilprojekt)

"The aim of this work package is to pull down the existing restrictions on searching for distributed, interdisciplinary documents.
The document search and delivery services of different disciplines will be logically and contentwise combined. This combination will help the user searching for interdisciplinary documents and also searching for information on the borders between disciplines. As a first example and testbed it is planned to combine MathNet and PhysNet. For this, a common set of metadata is necessary. Even the used Dublin Core metadata have to be harmonized, which will also help to re-use the documents in commercial services in the later stages of documents. Transfer-gateways developed by another work package in the SFM CARMEN will be implemented. Also the used search engines (Harvest) have to be optimized. Especially the possibility of a "distributed-search" has to be implemented. Whether such a tool is more efficiently implemented as CGI-Script on the server or as Java-Applet on the browser will be tested. Existing simple prototypes will be evaluated and used as a starting point. It is planned to replicate the search engines intelligently.
After a successfull combination of MathNet and PhysNet, it is planned to implement further disciplines into this network."




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Startdatum: 01.10.1999 Enddatum: 28.02.2002

Projektort: Oldenburg, Osnabrück