About Us

"kulturerbe-digital.de" is a project of the EUBAM Working Group (the interministerial federal/state working group devoted to European matters affecting libraries, archives, museums and monument protection). The objective of this project is the creation of an information platform. This platform shall provide a complete overview of digitisation efforts in all areas of culture in Germany. On the basis of this thorough overview, it shall be possible to reach strategic decisions and to craft a digitisation strategy for the whole of the country.

The goal of a digitisation strategy as defined by the nation as a whole to make possible long-term access to cultural and scientific content.

With the assistance of the information brought together on this website, it shall be possible in the future to bundle together and co-ordinate activities across all fields of culture (libraries, museums, archives and monument protection authorities). In the past, these projects - and the organisations that run and support them - have too often operated independent of one another.

First and foremost, the EUBAM Working Group (European matters affecting libraries, archives, museums and monument protection) advocates measures designed to ensure access to, and the preservation of, cultural heritage, both immovable and moveable. The Working Group also wishes to contribute to increased co-operation across all fields of culture. Through its efforts to preserve scientific and cultural heritage, the Working Group serves a critical focus and transfer function in Germany as a whole. (»www.eubam.de)
"kulturerbe-digital.de" cooperates with the »Bibliotheksportal des Kompetenznetzwerks für Bibliotheken (KNB).