PLANETS - Preservation and Long-term Access to our Cultural and Scientific Heritage

"The Planets Project will deliver a sustainable framework to enable long-term preservation of digital content, increasing Europe's ability to ensure access in perpetuity to its digital information.

Planets will deliver:

  • Preservation Planning services that empower organisations to define, evaluate, and execute preservation
  • Methodologies, tools and services for the Characterisation of digital objects
  • Innovative solutions for Preservation Actions tools which will transform and emulate obsolete digital assets
  • An Interoperability Framework to seamlessly integrate tools and services in a distributed service network
  • A Testbed to provide a consistent and coherent evidence-base for the objective evaluation of different protocols, tools, services and complete preservation plans
  • A comprehensive Dissemination and Takeup program to ensure vendor adoption and effective user training.

The project will enable organisations to improve decision-making about long term preservation, ensure long-term access to their valued digital content and control the costs of preservation actions through increased automation and scaleable infrastructure. Intensive Dissemination and Take-up activities will ensure the widest possible adoption of results in the user community and enable commercial tool and service providers to compete in a new market place for differentiated preservation services and tools."



Startdatum: 2006 Enddatum: 2010

Projektort: Freiburg, Köln, Den Haag, Kopenhagen, London, Wien