Re-use digital master files of printed material

"Collecting, preserving and making available the digital copies of printed publications is a major task. The reUSE project is therefore focusing on institutions in the public sector, which are acting as publishing bodies.

These institutions will be encouraged to deliver digital copies of their publications together with the printed copies to their national or deposit library. The collected digital objects will be preserved for the long term in trusted digital repositories. Depending on agreements with publishers the digital copies will be made available to the public.

Four demonstrators in Austria, Germany and Estonia will be set up in order to illustrate the feasibility and the pitfalls of this approach. They will be evaluated and monitored by a group of critical observers. The findings will be published in an evaluation report. Within the frame of the project a study will be carried out in order to find out the attitude and readiness of European libraries towards digital preservation."



Startdatum: 01.07.2004 Enddatum: 30.06.2006

Projektort: Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Innsbruck, Wien