SEKT - Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies

"From data to knowledge: the semantic web

New services developed by European researchers could help turn the World Wide Web into a vast relational database allowing surfers to extract relevant data for any topic imaginable.

The researchers are in the process of helping develop what is called the ‘semantic web’, which promises to give users access to actionable or useable knowledge instead of just vast quantities of information.

The internet is the greatest store of information assembled in human history. But its very size can prevent it from becoming a truly useful tool. There is so much information that users find it difficult to filter out the inaccurate and irrelevant.

We cannot see the wood for the trees. We have lots of data, but we must exclude most of it. Call it the knowledge gap, the distance between what we can access and what we need.

That gap is closing. Researchers at the Semantic Knowledge Technologies (SEKT) project have developed a robust and comprehensive system to identify the content, relevance and quality of information contained on your computer, your local network or the World Wide Web."



Startdatum: 01.01.2004 Enddatum: 31.12.2006

Projektort: Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, München